Niche Networks, Separated Networks, Shopping Networks, and Spy Networks: Social Media Round Up

Our weekly roundups corral the news you can use.

Shocase recently launched as a place where marketers can exhibit their work, educate themselves with the latest industry news and network with one another. Some large ad agencies and client-side marketers are already on the network.

In other social networking news, Google is breaking up. Well, Google Plus has separated photos from the platform.

To put it simply, Google Photos no longer belongs to Google+. Why did this happen? Is Google+ dying? No. The social service is, however, no longer going to be an “all things for all people” (ala Facebook) service. Google+ is going to evolve into a place where users can simply connect around a shared interest or passion.

And while you’re trying to find new crafts or recipes on Pinterest you can also be shopping.

Users can shop on the site by clicking on “pinned” products to see the price, choose a color, size, and quantity. Visitors can then click on a buy button to complete the transaction using a credit card or by paying with Apple Pay through their iPhones.

And prepare yourself to see more ads on Instagram.

Instagram is ready to make some serious money. After a year and half of format experiments and basic targeting, Instagram is giving advertisers much more powerful tools. Those include “Shop Now”, “Install Now”, and “Sign up” buttons, interest and demographic targeting, and an API for efficiently managing huge campaigns.

Finally, would anyone else feel a little creeped out by this ad, or is it just me?