Millennials, Google +, GIFs, and Art for Sale: Social Media Round Up

Are you trying to reach the coveted millennial consumers? Then you need to reach them on social media channels. According to the recent Deloitte report:

47 percent of millennials are influenced in their purchases by social media, compared to 19 percent for all other age groups

Would one of those social media channels be Google+? Maybe. In spite of many various reports, Google + is not dead. I personally think it is more like in a cocoon ready to emerge as an evolved platform.

As Google+ evolves, it will increasingly focus on connecting people around “shared connections and interests,” effectively creating online communities for people interested in similar things such as vintage guitars, Horowitz explained. Currently, Google+ sees one million circle joins a day for these kinds of communities.

“You’ll see us continue to double down on that use case,” Horowitz said.

Facebook also continues to evolve. Now not only will you see videos that automatically start playing in your feed, you also will get to see GIFs.

Finally, what would you do if someone took one of your Instagram photos and sold it for screen-shot-2015-05-29-at-7-03-22-pm-150x150$90,000? It turns out, you may not be able to take legal action. However, if you were like this Instagram user you would profit by offering the original picture for a mere $90.