Meerkat, Music, Money, and Matchmaking: Weekly Roundup

Our weekly roundups corral the news you can use.

Meerkat is available to the rest of us


I am a proud Android user. So when everyone started getting excited about the mobile streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope I felt like that lonely kid on the playground because Meerkat and Periscope were only for iPhone users. I was resourceful, as many lonely kids can be, and I found a worthy app called YouNow on my android and I have had my share of fun live streaming from my phone but, I could not be apart of the Meerkat/Periscope conversation.

Well, today I was able to download Meerkat on my Android and run my first stream. It was a much better experience than YouNow. It seamlessly integrates with Twitter and is much easier to use. I am looking forward to live-streaming more music performances from my son and husband.

Speaking of Music…Instagram is.

Instagram has taken note that there are a lot of musicians successfully promoting their work on their platform. This week they announced that @music will become its first content vertical.

What does that mean? It means Instagram is going to curate music content from its vast community and share with you. How can the community get involved? The curators will set up various hashtags that will help them, and everyone else, submit content to be reviewed.

So what is Facebook up to this week?

Of course, Facebook will have news in our weekly roundup. I would be concerned if there was not Facebook news.

This week they are introducing video chat within their messenger app. You know, like Skype, Hangout, and Facetime. Yawn.

Did you hear about Twitter?

They turned out their pockets and realized they did not have as much money as others thought they might have. But there is a plan to fix that. A plan that will benefit all of us (well all of us in marketing).

Analysts note, however, that Twitter’s announcement to acquire marketing technology firm TellApart and plans to partner with Google’s DoubleClick ad program should help improve its direct-response offering. TellApart will help advertisers reach customers as they move between desktop and mobile, while Doubleclick will assist with attribution.

And then there is Pinterest

Pinterest is wooing developers to help enhance the Pinterest experience.They aren’t exactly opening up the gate and letting everyone in to play. Instead, the have launched a Marketing Developer Partners program to carefully select who gets to play in the sandbox.

The MDP is made up of a limited, carefully selected group of developer partners who meet the needs of existing businesses on Pinterest and align with our core value of putting Pinners first. We’re committed to helping these developers build custom tools and services on our APIs so businesses can use Pinterest more effectively.