Top 5 Resources for Life Long Learning

Whether it is new technology, a new generation or a new way to set up your office, it seems something is always changing and disrupting the status quo.

What we learned in school may now be dated and what we need to know to do our jobs next old-school-signyear has not even been thought of yet. This is especially true if you work in Digital Marketing.

Today Darwin’s quote “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change” is more applicable than ever.

I have found the best way to stay adaptable is to constantly be learning something new.

Below are my top 5 resources for Life Long Learning (all free!)


Provides valuable courses from some of the top Universities. My favorite feature is the peer evaluation of the work. You are not just passively taking in information, you are interacting with other students.

MIT Open Courseware Entrepreneurship

In today’s world, we are all going to be entrepreneurs or at least intrapreneurs. To be able bring forth new ideas or work with a team who is responsible for bringing products and services to market, it is vital to learn the various components of what makes a business succeed. This is where the MIT Open Course Entrepreneurship classes can help you stay prepared.


Of course, TED is on this list. Some of the most intelligent, innovative, socially active people in the world sharing insights of what they feel we need to be paying attention to.


If the idea of coding scares you, you can get over that fear in the privacy of your own home learning at your own pace. Because trust me, understanding code, even if you will never write a program in your life, is vital to understanding how the world around you works.

iTunes U

With over 800,000 free lectures, videos, books from the top Universities, there is not much you cannot learn from the iTunes library.