Party Crashes, Misunderstandings, and Greatly Exaggerated News of Death: Social Media Round Up

newspaper-149623_640-300x300Facebook has crashed YouTube’s 10th birthday party and is trying to be the center of attention with news that Facebook’s video offering is becoming more and more compelling, especially for small businesses.

People are still trying to grasp all of Twitter’s recent changes. There was a bit of a Twitter storm regarding the ability for anyone to be able to Direct Message you on Twitter whether you are following them or not. It turns out, it was all just a miscommunication.

Are you wondering how that Google/Twitter on again off again relationship affects the visibility of your tweets? Search Engine Land provides a nice simple breakdown here.

If you have an Android phone, like me, finally you do not have to watch your friends with an iPhone get cools features before you do.

Twitter on Thursday announced a new feature, called Highlights, that’s intended to help you stay informed on the most important tweets and conversations among your followers.

The feature is limited to English-language readers with the Twitter app installed on an Android device, however.”

The weekly question that is asked by someone somewhere is “Has Google + Really Died?”

What is 1% of 2.2 billion? 22 million. That still seems like a solid networked community to me. Google Plus still has a pulse and Google has a lot of flexibility to adjust its many offerings to the needs of the vast and growing number of Google users.