The Cool and the Valuable: Social Media Round Up

Is Facebook still cool?

computer-313840_1280-300x200If cool is defined by what the kids are using, then according to a new Pew Research Study yes! Facebook remains the most used social media site among American teens ages 13 to 17.”

It’s just not the only social network they are using. Take a look at their smartphones and you will find Instagram, SnapChat, and maybe even Google Plus.

And Facebook wants to stay cool and an integral part of our lives. That is why their strategy continues to show leadership in the emerging world of Internet of Things.

IoT is the cornerstone of Facebook’s strategy. After connecting people with each other, it is time for Facebook to connect the things with people. While the competition might be able to fight Facebook on multiple fronts, one factor that stands out is the subscriber base. It is well positioned to connect billions of people with billions of things.

Twitter wants to be cool too…or at least relevant. You may not want to tweet, but Twitter wants you to at least access the wealth of information that is shared on its platform, so they redesigned their homepage.

Whereas before, Twitter’s homepage was pretty sparse — simply a background image and prompts for people to sign up or sign in — the revamped version is populated with different topics, including politics, pop artists and cute animals. Clicking on one brings you to a timeline chock-full of relevant tweets.

This may even encourage people to sign up and join the conversations…or add to the noise.

Speaking of adding to the noise, or providing valuable content, have you heard of It is a site where you can teach and learn. LinkedIn is currently learning how to integrate the content and services into their offerings since they have acquired it for $1.5 billion.

Linkedin has continued to evolve from a noisy place to keep your Rolodex to a place to connect and learn from peers and business leaders.

For Linkedin users that want to learn a new skill, become certified or re-certified, or even retrain for a new job or career, the exposure and access to the courses should be a major benefit for using the network. If Linkedin was looking for a way to offer more value for its paying subscribers, then it hit a home run.