Can Tumblr Make Money? Weekly Roundup

This has been a slow week for social media news, but we have gathered a couple of points of interest.

AdWeek gathered some actionable insights that they gleaned from Social Media Marketing World which includes some insightful tips for time management, content corralling, and staying engaged.

Yahoo! noticed that they have not run Tumblr into the ground yet, so they are on the move to see if they can make some money from the site. Perhaps that will send Tumblr to the Yahoo! graveyard with many of the other great sites they bought that faded from popularity (hello Delicious, Upcoming, and Flickr).

“Unfortunately, and almost certainly by coincidence, Tumblr rolled out a new dashboard redesign on Wednesday, the same day the news broke about Yahoo. Tumblr users immediately started to blame the site’s overlords for the unwelcome change.”

Facebook is taking a completely opposite approach with WhatsApp by sticking to the mission of “No ads, no games, and no gimmicks.” Facebook will monetize that data elsewhere.

Also in Facebook news, it seems they were inspired by everyone dumping buckets of ice water on their head, as well as their failed attempt to buy Snapchat, and has launched their newest app Riff.

“Riff automatically connects to Facebook users’ accounts, and users can easily share videos on Facebook. More importantly, connecting a Facebook account allows Riff users to tap into their existing social network to send their video to their friends to riff on. The process mimics the viral nature of the Ice Bucket Challenge, where users tagged their friends in the video post to challenge them.”