There was some fun and some foolery: Social Media Round Up

Did you get fooled?

This week we all managed to get through another April Fool’s day. It was after I intently read a bizarre sounding article about Rainbow Universes on that I remembered April 1st was the day where we are all reminded to be cautious about believing you read on the Internet.

Although I think almost everyone appreciated Google Map’s Pac-Man, I did not see much celebration about any particular April fool joke/campaign. In fact, I tend to agree with TNW’s opinion that most brands are trying too hard to participate and that has made April Fool’s day pranks a bit lame.

Facebook always has to be in the news

It seems I am writing about Facebook in every weekly roundup, and this week was no exception.

Last month Facebook acquired TheFind which was a technology that basically stalked your search behaviors and purchasing decisions to make very specific suggestions. Mash that up with all the other data we share with Facebook and their already robust targeting and we will not have to think about what we need anymore or make lists, we will just be able to do as Facebook says…

Speaking of what we pay for

JayZ thinks it is time we start paying for music again. If you follow emerging theories tidal-stakeholders-300x169about the future of music you may have heard the reference that music is like water. Well JayZ noted that people have no problem paying up to $6 for a bottle of water, so they should have no problem paying between $9.99 and $19.99 for exclusive content from top artists, and so he and a few well-known close friends launched Tidal, perhaps with the hopes of kicking a few standard record labels to the curb.