Facebook F8 Roundup

What is F8?

F8 is a conference held by Facebook to announce new and upcoming changes to the Facebook platforms. It is mostly targeted to developers and entrepreneurs who build products and services on their platform. It is not an annual event; there was no conference in 2009, 2012, or 2013.

How has it grown?


screen-shot-2015-03-27-at-11-15-50-am-150x150We see the growth of the F8 conference as Facebook continues to grow its family of products. You may have noticed that as Facebook acquires new properties, those properties have remained their own separate brand, such as Instagram. Facebook is also starting to break existing services into its own product such as Messenger.

According to TechCrunch

It wants to be a family of apps that serve diverse use cases and protect each other from disruption. Thanks to Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus, and outside developers, Facebook has maintained its reign for 11 years. But it will have to give third-party developers and marketers confidence in Facebook’s longstanding stability if it wants to keep the family together.

This strategy will continue to help Facebook stay in the game as more technologies come to play in our lives such as the Internet of Things.

What did the developers learn?

App developers now have a free analytics tool designed to let mobile developers track the user behavior in apps to see who is interacting with their apps and where they’re coming from, as well as ads to promote their app.

In our roundup last week we shared the scoop that Messenger was going to be opened up for developers. One of the first enhancements we will see will enable us to send GIFs (animated images), voice messages, and doodle in messages that directly from the app.

What else will Messenger do?

You will be able to send money, make purchases, get notifications from your favorite stores, and many other functions that developers will dream of.

What is new with Facebook video?

You will finally be able to embed your Facebook video on other websites like you can with YouTube videos.

Facebook now also supports videos shot with 360-degree camera technology. This is something the travel and real estate industries should take advantage of sooner than later.

What was the coolest part of the F8?

Of course, the coolest speech had to be about one of the most futuristic property Facebook owns, Oculus VR, and they are starting to ask us to question “what is real?” Are we really living in The Matrix?

Are we really living in The Matrix? Maybe. Michael Abrash, Oculus VR’s chief would like you to at least start thinking about the possibilities.

What will be one of those enhancements that will probably fail?

We still like to have control over what we share on Facebook. This was obvious a few years ago when Facebook announced that it would share everything you read, comment on, or listen to on your timeline. Many of us said, um, thanks but no thanks. Well, they want to try that again by sharing comments you make on articles throughout the web in the comment section where the story is posted on Facebook. Will that inspire more conversation as Facebook hopes or will it make more people more hesitant to share their opinion?