Meerkat breaks out at SXSW: Social Media Round Up

As SXSW comes to an end there are lots of posts flying around about what everyone saw, learned, and accomplished in Austin.

Meerkat, the live video streaming app was the big break-out that SXSW has been waiting meerkat-150x150for. In 2007,
Twitter had it’s coming of age party at SXSW followed by Foursquare in 2009. However, we have not seen any real excitement about a young upcoming technology come out of SXSW since then, until this year.

Just like a rising tide lifts all boats, the rise of in popularity of Meerkat helped a little start-up called Periscope still in beta get the attention and dollars of Twitter.

SXSW sessions seemed to focus on the changing landscape of mobile marketing highlighting that people don’t just want marketing messages pushed to their devices but would prefer valuable, real-time, connections.

Of course, Facebook continues to make weekly waves. Have you seen a drop in likes on your business page? You are not alone. Facebook announced a couple of weeks ago that it will start removing page likes that come from inactive profiles and people are starting to notice it this week. This is not bad news. Yes, your number of followers will drop, but this will mean you will actually know how many real followers you actually have.

Also, have you started using Facebook’s messenger app yet? It could become a whole new type of platform. This week we learned that not only can you send smiley faces to your friends with the Messenger app, but you can also send them money just as easily. That could disrupt a few money transfer models out there.

We are all anxiously awaiting what else Facebook will announce at the upcoming F8 next week, however, we have already learned from Mashable that one of the announcements will be about opening up their Messenger platform to third party developers. What does that mean? It means a lot more disruptive innovation is about to go down.