What Happened Yesterday? Social Media Round Up

If you decided to take a break from social media yesterday, then you probably have no idea what anyone is talking about today.

The day started out with some good news. The FCC (Federal Communications screen-shot-2015-02-27-at-11-32-39-amCommission) approved the new net neutrality rules. This allows all legal content on the web to be treated equally as opposed to allowing some entities to be able to pay for faster load times. With the new rules, Internet Service Providers cannot block legal content, slow down legal content, or give preferential treatment in exchange for payment.

Once this ruling was announced the Internet celebrated by showing us what they believe the Internet is really for.


A couple of llamas went on the run in AZ and everyone stopped to watch the slow chase all while trying to come up with most clever tweet, gif, or meme about the outlaw llamas.


However, there just was not enough controversy happening in the Great Llama escape to really demonstrate the value of the open web, so the Internet turned its attention a Gold and White (yes it is Gold and White) dress that some people decide is actually a Blue and Black dress (huh?).

Tell us what color you see.