Social Purchases, Virtual Realty, Birthdays, and Death Planning: Social Media Round Up

Pinterest continues to dominate news with ongoing enhancements that connect the ever-growing number of members on the site with the merchandise and experiences they would like to buy. In the next few months, it may be possible to make purchases on Pinterest without leaving the website or app as a new “buy button” is launched.

If you are dreaming of getaway and find yourself wandering through photos of ideal getaways that are posted on Instagram, you may find yourself clicking on one of those photos and landing on one of Hilton’s Hotel booking pages. This feature is brought to you by the Like2Buy technology that turns a “like” into a purchase.

We’ve all heard the term “digital natives” referring to the generation that was surrounded imagesby digital technologies and toys from the day they were born. Will the next generation become the “Virtual Reality natives”? Consider the timeless toy we all played with as kids–I mean all of us, from Baby Boomers to Millennials–the Mattel ViewMaster. Now imagine that view master with better graphics, 3D graphics even. Add in a few sensors and some sound, and you will have a ViewMaster for the Virtual Reality generation. That’s what Google and Mattel have been imagining.

Happy 10th Birthday to YouTube. You have brought us a decade of entertainment, information, and a platform for heated debates. You have launched unknown “talents” to international stardom, you have democratized education, and you have made us less anxious about missing a “must watch” event because we know you will have it ready for us to watch on our own timetable. We celebrate your past 10 years because you have enhanced our past 10 years, and we thank you.

No matter how ephemeral social media can seem at times, it’s helpful to remember that our digital lives sometimes grimly outlive our actual ones. So the question becomes, once our time on this earth as a mortal personality has passed, what happens to our digital personality? Facebook has taken steps to answer that question by launching the option for users to assign a Legacy Contact to take over the account once a person has died.