Making the Most of the Season of Giving

In the next few weeks, many of us will begin or continue our holiday shopping. As we go 2169213554-5b3b50240e-z-243x300through the stores we will be asked to give our spare change. We will be asked to allow our gifts to be wrapped in exchange for a small donation to charity, and many of us will contribute a little which will add up to a lot.

In times like these, when the news of people finding themselves in need is hitting close to home to so many people, people will find that they are giving more from their heart than from their excess. This is a wonderful time for organizations to make each donation personal as opposed to another transaction.

Here are a few things you can do to make the most of the season of giving.

1. Share your story of giving.

If you have a static website, you are not giving your audience a reason to come back but more importantly, you are not providing content that can spread throughout the web. Think of the stories that you tell people on a day to day basis about the impact your organization is having in saving lives and changing lives through the nonprofits you support.

2. Show that you care too.

Join the grassroots conversations about the issues you support. Many of the people you are trying to reach will have a stronger connection to your brand because you support what they care about more than because you provide a service they need. Support their efforts, thank them for caring too, and give them advice and opportunities to get involved. Do this publicly so that their followers can become aware of your support and get involved with your organization as well.

3. Promote offline opportunities.

Host a charity event, post about foodie blogs that discuss hunger drives, let people know about local volunteer opportunities, and so forth. Become a resource for people who want to know where they can help.

4. Make sharing fun and easy.

If you are running fundraising events, give people the opportunity to extend your fundraising efforts while being recognized. Provide donors and volunteers with badges that they can proudly display to show that they have supported the cause. These can be displayed on blogs, websites, within social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or on Twitter.

5. Give to what others care about

Run an engagement campaign to get people talking about topics related to your brand. Randomly select people to participate who will tell you their favorite nonprofit and make a donation in their name.

Today, even the little things such as spreading the word online about giving opportunities to our partners, clients, and audience and telling a story about why you support a particular cause will have an exponential impact.

Finally, keep in mind that whether we give online or offline, whether we discuss the issues that affect our lives and our hearts online or offline, whether we take action online or offline, we are making the most of the giving season.