The Shock of Robin Williams Death

When we go to the movies, we get to escape reality. When someone like Robin Williams is in the movie, especially a comedy, we get to feel like the world is ok. Everything will work out in the end and we will get to laugh along the way.

The shocking news that Robin Williams took his own life took my breath away last night and has left me confused and sad today. Not because he was someone close to me, a friend or relative, but because he was so distant from me. He was, as he says at the end of Aladdin, he was mythology – our mythology.

His suicide was a slap of reality. Perhaps things don’t always work out in the end and sometimes we will not be able to find the humor in a situation. Sometimes the joy we are experiencing is all just pretend – just an act.

It does seem that Robin Williams was our mythological Genie, imprisoned by an awful spell of depression, compelled to grant us our own wishes to escape our own reality. I felt this tribute on Twitter last night was the most appropriate of all. “Genie, you’re free.”