Slow Down – Enjoy the View

Yesterday was a day that should be marked down in my history.

Yesterday I had an epiphany. I realized how I was going to write this book that has been on my mind for almost 9 years. I have almost all the notes written, I just could not figure out how to organize the information in such a way that people would get the message in an artful and enjoyable way. Yesterday all the answers came flying at me at once and I soaked them all in as soaked in the Spring sun after a long, cold, dark, bitter winter.

As I was enjoying the moment of clarity I was also being very thankful that I did not try to rush the process many years ago when I was being told that I needed to write a book. I knew I needed to write a book. I knew that there was a book in me. But the gestation period has been many years. I have watched many people I know write multiple books. I have seen others praised for their accomplishment of publishing their book, all while I was waiting for this book inside of me to reveal itself.

I am so happy I waited.  I did not force the book out prematurely and I am not sure the book is ready to be born anytime soon. This may just be the next phase of the development, but I am enjoying it.

There are many things this book has taught me along the way. The most important lesson is to slow down and enjoy the view. The book has been a journey for me. Along the path, the book has helped me make some very important decisions in my life. It has revealed to me a new path for the next decade of my life and in doing so it has shown me where the book itself fits in within my life story.

Had I put myself on a schedule, a deadline, had I forced this book out of me, or shoved it aside for a book that I could have been written quicker and gotten published in favor of the notoriety and praise, I would have missed the lessons –  I would have missed the milestones – I would have taken a different path and missed the view that was trying to unfold in front of me.

Slow down – trust what is inside of you. Follow the path in front of you as it unfolds. Don’t try to rush it. Relax. Enjoy the view.