Saying Goodbye to 2012

The Christmas decorations have come down and been packed away. In a few moments, I will go out to buy the wood for our annual burning bowl ceremony where we will release all that no longer serves us or that we do not need to bring into the new year. I will also buy fireworks and champagne to welcome in 2013.

For now, I sit in this space between the two years and reflect. The past year has been a transitional year for me. My youngest graduated from elementary school and moved on to middle school. He continues to grow as an amazing performing musician. My oldest is in his last year of high school and we are preparing for the life that is ahead of him. He has many creative talents and so many opportunities lie ahead of him. My husband has renewed his life as a performing musician along with continuing to work on some incredible projects at his job.

My work has been both profitable and satisfying in 2012 and after 7 years with Concept Hub I am starting to feel settled into what that company means to me. It is no longer an extension of me, it has become more of a good job I have. A really good job that is separate from my life. Concept Hub finally has a life of its own and I am just an employee.

This has provided me the opportunity to explore some new business ideas within the startup and music communities. I have also begun to build processes to offer personal business coaching. And I am finding more things I want to write about. All of this has led me to want to get more involved in being part of various communities, both online and offline. I have not been as active in the community as I once was and I truly miss that.

When I reflect on 2012, it has been a year where I have been in the background, in the supporting role for my family, friends and my clients. It is time to say goodbye to 2012 and although I will always be in a supportive role for my family, friends, and my clients, I do believe 2013 will be my time to step into the spotlight again.