Evaluating the Spicy Chicken Biscuit Campaign

originally posted on Concept Hub

Yesterday I attended the AiMA Social Media SIG panel that discussed the Chick -Fil- A spicy chicken biscuit campa ign. It was a great discussion.  Here are my  tweeted  notes via Storify.

Today I was reviewing my own check list for running a campaign and was thinking about how the Chick Fil A campaign stood against the standards I had listed.

The first question is did the campaign have a goal? The three types of goals that relate best to a campaign are:

1. Brand Building
2. Call to Action
3. Word of Mouth Marketing

In the case of the  Chick-Fil-A campaign it had 2 of the 3 goals. The campaign asked their community to reserve a time to come get their free biscuit (call to action) and then followed up by asking those who got a free biscuit to rate the taste (extra points for a follow up call to action). It also included several opportunities for word of mouth marketing including taking into consideration the impact of giving the information about the deal  to the “insiders” first and letting them spread it to their friends.

Next is my list of criteria for creative and execution of a campaign:

The best campaigns have the following elements:

  • They spread like wildfire (check – there was something like a million biscuits given away)
  • They are not spammy (check – the offers were valuable, exclusive, and provided either to people who have opted in to receive information or via word of mouth)
  • They provide value (a free breakfast is always valuable)
  • They are well branded (check)
  • They are measured (check minus – numbers that were requested yesterday we not available. Such as did more people reserve their time via FB, Twitter, email…what was the expect sales of biscuits after the campaign and did they meet those expectations….)
  • They have excellent copy (Yes – as with the Chick-Fil-A creative mission, the copy delighted and surprised)
  • They don’t sell (it was free – check)
  • They build relationships (not so much. There was talk back opportunities but relationship building – no.)
  • They are innovative (check – the reservation system as a means to ensure proper  service is provided is genius)
  • They have ears (as in they are listening to their customers. I can only assume that to be true)
  • They are well organized (The multiple agencies works very well together and developed as well as executed a  seamless campaign)
  • They are maintained by humans (Yes and Engauge is very lucky to have Kaitlyn on board!)
  • They are consistent (check)
  • They have bait (free food- yeah)
  • The leverage existing resources (check – they were leveraging the last campaign that introduced the Spicy sandwhich)
  • They are not everywhere (check – FB, Twitter, Email and Website targeted updates, seemed very focus)
  • They have humor (Especially in the feedback questionnaire. I believe one of the answers was even the dragons are jealous)
  • They share company events (Did not hear about any effort to show real time happenings at the stores during the give away)
  • They integrate offline marketing (Don’t think they did)
  • They include photos and videos (Photos yes, did not hear about videos.

Finally the campaign accommodated people who were not necessarily “creators,” those who blog and write their own tweets or produce their own videos. Instead the campaign spread through simple tasks such as forwarding and email, invited FB friends to the event or clicking on a share button within the email.

Very well done!

I think I will go get a biscuit now.