My Approach to SXSW

originally posted on Concept Hub

This is my first year going to SXSW. I am excited and a little anxious. I don’t think I like flying. I don’t fly often enough to know for sure if I do not like flying, but I do tend to look to see if a car trip is reasonable every time I travel, and usually it is; even from ATL to NY.

But a car trip was not reasonable from ATL to Austin, so tomorrow morning I will be boarding Delta.

I know lots of people from ATL who will be attending, but my goal at SXSW is to meet new people from new places. I am going there to absorb as much as I can without getting overwhelmed. I plan on making it more of a working vacation with no real agenda. I am not sure how that is going to work out though. I understand that I needed to be making an agenda and RSVPing to all the parties. But I am going to leave much up  to fate while I am out there.

I have glanced through the schedule of presentations and know there are several good ones on the program but again I am not putting anything on my calendar. I will find where I want to be while I am there.

I am going to leave my laptop at the hotel and blog each night before going to bed. I will have my phone on me to check in via Foursquare or whatever other app I am introduced to. I will tweet. But overall I think I will travel light.

For those of you who are seasoned SXSWers – if you see me wandering around lost…feel free to help me find my way.