Social Media’s Early Wins

originally posted on Concept Hub

Most people involved in social media will tell you that social media is not a “quick fix” – that it is “a long and winding road”  and a commitment.

And they are right!

I often try to explain to people that Social Media is an evolution of communications, not an add-on. What that means is, just like we all got rid of the typewriter when PCs landed on our desk, we now have to review our communication efforts and decide what to let go of, what to optimize in such a way to include social media, and how not to duplicate our communication efforts.

Although social media was originally seen as a disruption to our lives, as our communication efforts continue to evolve we are starting to see social media as an everyday part of our lives.

However, that does not mean we can expect our adoption of social media tools and trends to be a quick fix, but we can measure a few early wins.

As discussed often on this site, social media not only changes how we communicate, but it also impacts how we do business, how we manage our team, and how we view our proprietary offerings and intellectual property. All of this change is sure to cause anxiety within the organization. That is why identifying what is working early is so critical to building and maintaining momentum as you travel down the social media autobahn.

If you followed our three step process regarding driving up the social media on-ramp, then you already know how social media can impact the 5 stages of a sales cycle. Your early wins can be measured by

  • Increased number of impressions.
  • Ability to get information to prospects where they are asking for relevant information.
  • Increased ability for people to act on their decisions by eliminating extra steps it would take for their decisions to be acted on.
  • Increased responses to any customer service issues, to any person in need.
  • Increased the ability for people to share your information with their peers.

More importantly, if you have engaged in social media with the mindset of connecting with your customers, you should be able to walk into your boardroom and present what you have learned by actively listening to the conversations that are happening on the web. You will be able to explain what your competition is doing well and where they have some exposed weaknesses. You should be able to point out specific threats to your brand image as well as opportunities to enhance your relationship with your customers.

Your knowledge of where your customers and prospects are, who they are and what they care about will enable you to prepare your team in the various departments to be more proactive to the needs of your customers. Your team will be able to bring their talents and experience to the table to collaboratively innovate solutions that best serve what your customers want and need.

Ultimately, these early and measurable wins will enable your organization to get up to speed to be a competitive force on the social media autobahn.