Social Media SWOT Analysis

originally posted on Concept Hub

Last week I discussed 3 key steps an organization needs to consider as they travel up the on-ramp to the Social Media Highway. Overall, those steps included:

1. Get each department involved in the organization’s social media efforts.

2. Create a culture of sharing.

3. Create a presence in the channels where your customer hang-out.

I mentioned that once you have made it up the social media on-ramp, the next step will be to keep up with traffic. This will require having a well-oiled machine and a clear view of what is ahead.”

This will require taking an in-depth look at your organization to identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Below are a few questions that can guide through such a process.

Identifying Your Strengths

  • Who are your Ambassadors? Who on your team are the ones who seem to be passionate about the company, knows even the most obscure information about what is happening, and is always willing to pitch in to offer an idea, a creative idea, or simply a helping hand?
  • What creative assets are available that can be used within your social media channels? What pictures, videos, articles, and stories can be repurposed and shared with the community?
  • Where is your organization already active in the community? Are their conversations happening right now about your brand that you can begin participating in? Do you have an active email list that you can leverage to invite your customers to join you on other online channels? Do you have partners that already have an online presence where your voice would be welcomed

Identify Your Weaknesses

  • What information silos within the organization that prevent collaboration?
  • Where is there a lack of, or inconsistent visions related to the goals of participation in social media?
  • What knowledge gaps exist and what additional and ongoing training for the team will be needed?

Identify Opportunities

  • How can that organization improve efficiency and save money through social media channels?
  • How can the sales team leverage social media to identify better-qualified leads and get a jump on the competition?
  • How can customers be involved in the organization’s ongoing development of new products and services?

Identify Threats

  • How will your organization protect intellectual property and the organization’s reputation?
  • How can information and use of various channels be managed in such a way that it does not become a chaotic, noisy mess with no purpose?
  • With so many people and departments involved, how can we maintain accountability?

The answers to these questions will vary depending on the size and culture of each organization. However, it is vital that these questions are addressed or you may find your social media efforts stranded on the side of the road before you ever gained any momentum.