Get Your Head In The Clouds


originally posted in Concept Hub

I have the great honor to be the Chair of the TAG Enterprise 2.0 society. I have an amazing board and in a few short months, we have been able to attract leading edge speakers from around the country and regular attendance that has reached over 100 business and IT professionals.

In September we welcomed  Steve Kloeblen, IBM’s VP Business Development of New Growth Platforms to discuss their World Development Initiative, and proactive approaches to business transformation. That was an amazing presentation about how the world of business was changing because of technology advancements. That day I received confirmation that our November speaker would be coming from a leader in disruptive technology!

On November 5 Seattle-based Jinesh Varia, Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, will discuss the latest innovations and new technology trends like Utility computing (Paying by the hour, paying by the Gigabyte usage), Virtualization and Web Services in the Cloud and most importantly, discuss some of the innovative business models for Start-Ups and Enterprise companies.


OK…Let’s break this down into human language. We are talking about Cloud Computing. What does that mean?

According to Wikipedia it is “IT-related capabilities that are provided “as a service[1], allowing users to access technology-enabled services “in the cloud”[2] without knowledge of, expertise with or control over the technology infrastructure that supports them”


Alright, sign in to your Salesforce account right now, or ask your friend to log in. I know you know SOMEONE using Salesforce. Have them input some data or pull some data from your computer or from their computer or from the computer in the library. It really does not matter what computer they are on, they can still access their data. Why? Because it lives in the cloud.

So will this be a boring geek speak session? I think not.

In this session, we will learn how aspiring entrepreneurs and enterprises can take advantage of these technologies to quickly scale up their infrastructure programmatically without any upfront heavy infrastructure investment. Often termed as Cloud Computing, we will see how these technologies are changing the way we do business today.

Alright, so let me take you back to 1988. I was in the 10th grade and was required to take a computer programming class. I hated that class and well, I tend to let people know what I think and feel and told my teacher I did not need her class because I would NEVER work in computers…that was how I felt…until 1995 when technology really began changing the way we do business.

I became an avid reader of Wired magazine and was completely in tune with how eBay,, and were changing the world.

Today Amazon Web Services provides Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) that allows requisition of machines on-demand using simple web service call and paying for computation by the hour. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) which is infinite storage in the cloud and Amazon SimpleDB which is the Database in the cloud and how these services can help local companies to scale-out and go live quickly. Also, we will see some exciting apps and some unique business models that are built on AWS that have become profitable businesses and others that are just simply cool to see.

In simple terms, the changes we witnessed 10 years ago do not even compare to what we are about to see as technology becomes more accessible and barriers to entry to buy and sell products and services globally come crashing down.

In order to keep up with all of this we simply need to get our heads in the clouds.