Social Media Responds to Hurricane Gustav

originally posted in Concept Hub

As the National Hurricane Center Tracks Hurricane Gustav the online public begins to respond.

Thousands of Bloggers from The North Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians to Energy Tech Stocks are tracking this storm and the potential ripple affects from it’s impact.

The Hurricane Gustav entry on Wikipedia is staying up to date and documenting the path and destruction from this hurricane. It came up as the second link when I Googled Hurricane Gustav, the National Geographic site being the first and the National Hurricane Center being the third.

As I write this, there are 1,000 pictures of Hurricane Gustav posted on Flickr.

On Facebook there are already several groups organized from a group blaming Sarah Palin for the Hurricane to Recovery for Hurricane Gustav to a group created specifically for friends and family fleeing Hurricane Gustav.

That chatter about the Hurricane is all over Twitter, and people are connecting via Twitter as they evacuate New Orleans.

People are receiving their information from various different places as well as setting up their own grassroots efforts to stay connected. I found this information with less than 20 minutes of research. Imagine what nonprofits and government officials can accomplish by having just a few people dedicated to listening and connecting with the public on their own territory to answer their questions and address any misconceptions during this trying time. Also, what an amazing distribution channel to spread an informative video player that could be passed on from friend to friend.

Our heart goes out to each of you who are and will be affected by this storm.