My Favorite Things

Many people have been asking me about some of the tools I use to research the online marketplace for relevant conversations. Well, that could be a really boring post. So, I decided to try to liven it up a bit. Trust me, beyond the occasional fun, I am sticking to my “day job.”

Google Alerts about Keywords and Tags in
Hyper-Links and blogrolls that reveal social niches
StumbleUpon gives my site stats some wings
and these are a few of my favorite things.

AideRSS helps you to read things that matter
Tag Clouds identify what topics are fatter
To broadcast a message I just send it to ping
or if I want to tell the world my favorite thing

A quick peak at Social Meter says who’s getting attention
Trendpedia analyzes which words are being mentioned
And have you checked into see what’s been happening on Ning
It’s one of those sites that’s now a favorite thing

Who’s on Twitter?
What are they saying?
If I want know
I simply remember my favorite things
and now you know.