Online Video Case Studies

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Last week I took a deep dive into online video exploring all the various considerations that are needed to create a successful video project. This week I want to explore some of my favorite case studies of successful video projects.

Starbucks – More than Just Coffee

For me, Starbucks is a place to go to get away and work, a place to meet clients and peers, or a much-needed drive through to get a shot of energy each morning.

But Starbucks offers so much more. Just visit their online store and you can purchase equipment and entertainment to create a bit of a Starbucks feel in your own home or office. The challenge was to capture the attention of online shoppers and demonstrate the offerings at the Starbucks online store.

The Solution:

Starbucks used the Vendaria’s digital media marketing solution to enhance its online shopping experience and was initially attracted to these solutions for making the end user’s experience easy. Starbucks product videos can be viewed by consumers with all modem speeds including dial-up, which is the majority of the population, by bringing them video quality equal to those with a broadband connection while using digital media technology that does not require the user to download a media player. This makes it easy for the most inexperienced computer user to view the product videos. These videos allow Starbucks to better explain the multiple features of its brewing equipment in a way that is easier for the consumer to understand and more engaging than copy or static images alone. This enables Starbucks to have better interaction with their online audience and to provide ongoing education to qualified, interested customers. This ultimately drives higher sales for those products. Leveraging yet another channel with the videos, Starbucks implemented videoenabled banner ads on This allowed the company to target a much broader audience with eye-catching rich-media ads intended to drive interested customers to the Starbucks website. Starbucks also sent a video-enhanced e-mail to its subscriber list enabling Starbucks to deliver intricate sales messages to a prequalified audience of potential buyers leading them straight to the product detail page.

Source – Starbucks: An Online Video Case Study

Doritos Reach Super Bowl Fans

How much should you spend on a viral video that will be aired during the Super Bowl?……$12

The announcement went out that Doritos would pay$10,000 to the five finalists. The buzz was created throughout the web.

The Result:

The campaign achieved 300 million impressions leading up to the Super Bowl and 600 million impressions week of Superbowl. The runner up ad was so popular that it ran during the super bowl as well, and the top five ran in ad rotation for the next month.
Source – LIVE @ Clickz – Online Video Case Studies

Connect With Your Team In Spite of Time or Geographic Boundaries

Not only is video effective in getting the right message to the right people, but because it is delivered over the internet, the capabilities to distribute documents, link to additional information and provide interactivity through feedback forms are priceless.

Experienced project managers understand that creating a compelling marketing message for their project, preparing the user community to accept and embrace the project and keeping stakeholders and sponsors informed and involved throughout the life of the project are key success factors. Without these factors in place not only will the project scope begin to creep uncontrollably, increasing the loss of time and money, but attitudes of the team members and clients will begin to suffer.

Corporations such as Xerox have implemented on-demand streaming media to achieve specific objectives that have led to “Lean Six Sigma” in almost every aspect of its operations. By creating high-quality presentations available on-demand for compliance and customer training, reseller education and outreach programs, they deliver a consistent message that reaches thousands of viewers at a time and place that is convenient for their audience.

There are a variety of ways that project managers can benefit from online video from the initial proposal to closing the project and providing the end user with all relevant information. Through the use of on-demand streaming videos, the project manager can provide exceptional service while saving time and money.

Philadelphia-based Rohm and Haas Co., the manufacturer of specialty chemicals, construction materials and other products, launched a corporate YouTube site for its 15,000 employees around the world.

Charles Wallace, chief technical architect and IT director for global architecture and infrastructure at Rohm and Haas, said that a searchable library of online videos supports the natural tendency of workers to bypass the knowledge base and go to their next-door neighbor [at work] or to the employees who know to get answers to their questions.

Wallace said company officials expect that the system will help it achieve an important goal reducing travel by providing employees with access to their co-workers via the video site, which will be called PrimeTime.

The company’s internal affinity groups workers with common interests in performance management, career development and mentoring were among the creators of the first videos for the library, Wallace said. Rohm and Haas expects 50 to 75 PrimeTime videos to be available to employees when the program debuts.

Source – Online Video Expands Role In Training, Collaboration

Interactive Online Video has a place in every department within the organization for a variety of communication needs, from training and motivating, to marketing, to simply connecting with your team or your fans.

Video helps us touch our audience in ways no other media can. When we get the opportunity to see the expressions, emotions, and body language of the communicator, we get to know that person and connect with their message on a variety of levels. When we add the interactive element to the video we enable the audience to control the video or interact through polls or games or feedback forms we are able to measure the level of connection that has been made.