Visual Recap of SoCon08

originally posted on Concept Hub

Lots was learned yesterday at SoCon08. Chris Heuer led a wonderful and well received discussion. I have been capturing what other’s have posted on my account here.

At the Dinner Marlon Manuel from Edelman and I discussed how the reputation of an organization now relies heavily on the communications that is happening inside the organization as well as the external corporate message.
(picture taken by Chris Heuer)

Chris Heuer’s Presentation was everything I hoped for as you can tell from my expression in this picture taken by extraface.

He covered everything – from the reality that we all do business with people we like and trust, to the value of using social media tools for our internal communications for enhanced productivity. (picture taken by tikigod)

The audience was definitely part of the show! A great conversational starter was a question regarding how social media would affect productivity as opposed to being a distraction to the work at hand. It seemed everyone had a story about how either they or their team have been more effective because of social media. (picture of Leatrice Ellzy of the National Black Arts Festival taken by extrafce)

originally posted on Concept Hub

The afternoon was a series of breakout sessions. I led a discussion around social media for B2B where we recapped what we heard earlier from Chris, discussed our current communication efforts on and off line, discussed social media tools and then explored how those tools can enhance (not change) the ways we currently communicate in the B2B world, which is really a P2P world of people doing business with people. (photo taken by tikigod)
Thanks to everyone who made this event possible, which includes everyone who came and participated in the discussions.

Of all the events I have attended, this one seemed to indicate we have reached a turning point in this new world. No one had to defend social media, no one accused it of being a fad or frivolous – everyone seemed to have some experience, lots of questions, and even more ideas.

You can find more photos of the event here.