A Successful Social Media Presence Needs to Include Some Quality “Face Time”

originally posted on Concept Hub

I have had the above working title for a couple of weeks. I have chosen not to change it, although it may not seem like the right title for what I have to say today.

I have been thinking about this post for a couple of weeks. What I wanted to say was that Social Media is personal.

I wanted to point out the importance of a profile picture. How pictures give people a face to connect with. I wanted to pull up studies about how humans connect with other humans when we see each other’s face.

I wanted to talk about the face time of personality. How social media is not about staying on message, but about giving your audience a reason to invest in what you are writing about.

I wanted to talk about the importance of getting out in the world and meeting people. How we can best market our blog when we are letting people get to know us offline.

I could talk about strategies others have taken to promote themselves, such as the Poet in NC that rides an airplane bicycle with advertisements for his blog, or the business cards that bloggers passed around at PayPerPost.

But today, talking about the personal side of blogging in a well-formed post complete with case studies and strategy does not seem to make sense.

Atlanta lost a great blogger, businessman, friend, father, husband, and more this past Thursday – Jon Barkan of GCI Group. On my personal blog, I wrote about the journey that led me to know a little about Jon and the role his blog played in the void I feel today.

Social media is personal. We get to connect on a human level and we get to leave a bit of legacy behind.