Let’s talk about your video

originally posted on Concept Hub

While in college in 1998 I wrote a college paper that stated:

Graphic software and technology will need to accelerate until a consumer who is watching the Superbowl and checking out stats on the web will be able to enjoy the most entertaining ads created both on television and on their PCs. Of course by this time television and PCs will probably be one in the same.

Well, if my 12-year-old son is not playing Halo2 on Xbox Live, he is on the Internet searching videos to watch. Rarely does he actually watch anything on TV. Why should he when anything he is in the mood for is a few clicks away on the Internet?

Technology has accelerated so fast in the past few years in regards to the ability to put a video online that literally, anyone can do it. The problem is that not everyone can produce the quality of video with all the right elements of music, camera angles, and direction that would attract the appropriate attention and express a clear message.

Videos are being used to introduce conference speakers and show the personality of executives. But are those personalities really captured if the person in front of the camera is feeling a little nervous and making a strange expression or acting stiff? The right producer would take the time and care enough to shoot take after take until they capture the essence of the person in front of the camera as well as edit the takes to make sure that the best experiences are put together to express the story that needs to be told.

Is there a place for raw user-generated video? Yes! There is energy and creativity that can put the viewer right in the middle of the experience. Even the shaky videos can raise the level of involvement from the audience. That is why films such as Blair Witch Project was such a success. But that is the right feel for the right message. It would not work when you are trying to introduce the keynote speaker at your annual conference.

Finally, the positioning of your video should never be overlooked. Many companies have placed a video on their site within a simple windows media player. I question what their goal is for that video, what are they wanting the viewer to do. Videos that are built within a custom interactive player have the ability to be viral within emails and motivate an immediate response from the viewer, whether they are on the corporate site or not.

There are many ways that videos can be produced and shared, but it is vital that when it comes to investing time and resources into a video that the goals are mapped out and the right video is produced that will ensure that those goals are reached.