Hi! I’m Sherry!

I started working in sales and marketing communications years before the guys at Google decided they could organize the web and Mark Zuckerberg thought it would be a good idea to connect the world.

Early in my career, I was a successful sales professional. This experience greatly influenced my approach to marketing communications.

Three core sales principles inform my approach to marketing.

1. Don’t focus on what your offer is, focus on the problem you’re solving.

2. People only buy from people they trust.

3. Trust is built as relationships develop.

When I started working as a marketing consultant my focus was on helping clients effectively leverage social media technologies. To be successful, I needed to become a strong project manager and an effective change manager.

As social media became more integral to business communications, including sales, marketing, training, recruiting, and project management, I had to increase the skills I had to offer. This not only meant improving my own skills, but I also built a network of expert consultants that I could include on projects as needed by launching Amplified Concepts, a freelancer collaborative.

I’ve strived to be at the forefront of enabling companies to integrate emerging technologies into their business processes. I’ve launched conferences, led workshops, wrote articles, and spoke at trade shows. Over the years I’ve had opportunities to work on some incredible projects for large brands, startups, destinations, restaurants, hotels, retail boutiques, musicians, authors, and actors.

I’m an idealist with a mission to take ideas, innovation, and talent to the next level. I accomplish this through strategy development, training, team building, content creation, project management, and a whole lot of energy and passion. If you’d like to learn more about how to work with me, send me an email.