I’m Sherry Heyl.


I am a Sales and Marketing Consultant

I take care of your sales and marketing funnel so you can focus on and fund new ideas to keep your business growing and evolving. 

One way I do this is through my company, Amplified Concepts, a freelancer collaborative providing on-demand agency resources so talented freelancers can stay focused on what they do best while still providing full-service solutions to their clients. This model reduces the overhead of an agency enabling members to pass the savings on to their clients.

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I am an Aspiring Writer

I graduated from Florida State University with two Bachelor degrees: Business Marketing and Creative Writing. I believe stories and essays can change the world. I write for business, political, and social publications as well as post my thoughts, ideas, and observations on this blog.

I have been working on a fictional novel for 10 years. I am part of writing communities and have started working on short stories and poetry.

I am a Business Coach

I refer to myself as an accidental business coach. I have several years experience in sales, account management, team management, operations, and launching new ideas. Throughout the years, many people have come to me for advice. I am able to offer insights based on my experiences as well as my belief that there are no set formulas for success and no single definition of success.

Although I did not set out to be a business coach, coaching has become my favorite thing to do. I love being a part of people’s success and to know that I have helped people believe in their ability to design their life according to their own values and ambitions.

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I am an Idealist

Facing the economic, technological, and global challenges of today and tomorrow with an undying belief in humanity’s ability to get it right…eventually.

Sometimes Idealists are thought of as naïve and not realistic about the dangers of the world.

I believe that we go in the direction that we are focused on and I choose to focus on going in the direction of our goals.

When you’re an Idealist, you spend your life in pursuit of things that have meaning to you, you have purpose, goals, and principals. You’re not content to just let things remain as they are, nor are you able to let go of your ideas.

In 2005 I left a steady job in corporate America to launch the business of me in an industry very few people heard of, social media. I gave myself the title Idealist because I believed that the ability to communicate and connect with people from all around the world was going to bring about positive changes. Over the years I have witnessed that the process may be slower than I imagined, but I refuse to give up hope.